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How We're Helping Elderly


 Computers often frighten older users resulting in the great digital divide. A.T.E.D.Y. bridges the gap for Seniors in today’s information age. Computers and the Internet can significantly 

enhance the lives of Elderly users. 


With computers Elderly users can communicate with their children, grandchildren, e-mail greeting cards, shop online, grocery shop with delivery and find information about anything of interest to them. A.T.E.D.Y provides information to overcome the fear of technology for Seniors. Older uses are most afraid of breaking the technology or feel it is too difficult to master computer technology. Here are a few techniques that A.T.E.D.Y assists the Elderly in gaining computer freedom:

1. Play Solitaire to become familiar with the mouse.

2. Sending and receiving their first e-mail to a close friend or relative.

3. Search the Internet for a subject close to the heart or send / receive photo albums.

4. Listen to radio, read newspapers, cooking recipes, pay bills and much more.

How We're Helping Disabled


 Some physically challenged users perceive they are unable to use today’s computer technology. This perception leads them into the Great Digital Divide. A.T.E.D.Y bridges the gap for the Disabled in today’s information age. Remember, there is always more than one tool to achieve the same results with computing. Computers and the Internet can significantly enhance the lives of the Disabled users. A.T.E.D.Y provides information to assist the Disabled users in finding the right equipment for them. We can adapt computers to fit their needs with some built-in assessable options and easy to use software / hardware devices. A.T.E.D.Y provides information and demonstrations of current computer software / hardware design especially for the Disabled. Some tools already come with the operating system. Such functions as enlarging font size, changing mouse size and speed, magnify, voice navigator and on-screen keyboard. 


Here are few tools that A.T.E.D.Y assists the Disabled, allowing computer freedom closing the Great Digital Divide gap:

1. Programmable foot switch: software / hardware allows left, right, middle, or double mouse clicks.

2. Head Master Plus: head pointing system, takes place of a mouse, move head cursor moves on-screen. Puff on tube to make selections.

3. Touch Windows: performs as touch screens or keyboard substitutes, touch of finger makes selections, moves objects, pulled down menus.

4. Dragon Naturally Speaking: voice recognition software, speaking into microphone words appear in your word processor without touching keyboard.

5. Keyboard with key guard: attached to keyboard isolate keys help stabilize and position fingers or pointers.

A.T.E.D.Y evaluate and provide the right information to match the right technology that fits the unique needs of the Disabled. There are hundreds of hardware / software applications on the market to address special needs of different disabilities. We have become one of those resources to Disabled users.

How We're Helping Youth


The future is technology plus computing and our Youth are the future. A.T.E.D.Y present and future is to prepare the Youth in technology computing. Less than 15 percent of inner city Youth have computers in their homes and antiquated computers in their schools. They have fallen in between the cracks of the Great digital divide. If our Youth in the urban setting decide on going to college they are already behind and playing catch-up. A.T.E.D.Y bridges the gap for our Youth in today’s technology information age.

A.T.E.D.Y provides information resources and demonstrations on tools they will need for college and for the workforce. Colleges are expecting our Youth on having computer experience. If our Youth do not attend college they find employers are looking for experience using a computer. If our Youth decide on the Armed Forces they find computers run everything.

A.T.E.D.Y provides information resources and demonstrations to assist our Youth in computer technology. A.T.E.D.Y plans on involving our Youth by integrating them into our Elderly and Disabled programs. They will provide information and demonstration on current usage of software / hardware computer technology. The best way to keep our Youth interested and focus is to empower them with responsibility. This inclusion creates unity within the community working together, while significantly enriching the lives of all three-target (Elderly, Disabled and Youth) groups.

Here are few tools that A.T.E.D.Y can assist the youth, allowing computer freedom closing the Great Digital Divide gap.

1. Information resources and demonstrations on how to build and troubleshoot computers.

2. Information resources and demonstration on how to get computer certification.

3. Information resources and demonstrations on how to program computers.

4. Information resources and demonstrations all set-up for the home / business network systems.

5. Information resources demonstrations on how to bring their skills up to make them marketable to employers in the computer field.

Mission Statement

 A.T.E.D.Y’s mission to close what is termed the “Great Digital Divide Gap” the disparity in computer use and literacy between low-income groups (Elderly, Disabled & Youth), which exist mostly in low-income urban areas compared to their more prosperous peers. This shall be accomplished by providing technical skills preparation to disadvantaged groups, partnership with other organizations to create social and economic opportunities that change peoples’ lives and transform communities. Our clients have the opportunity to visit our location to evaluate adaptive equipments, computers, electronics, softwares, hardwares and workshops / demonstrations of information technology resources.

ATEDY, Inc., a non-profit tax exempt (501(c)(3) community-based agency was founded in 2003 to provide processes and strategies required to assist at-risk youth, people with disabilities, and the elderly how to become more efficient users of “assistive technology”  

A.T. E.D.Y began serving the community on May 1, 2003. Its goal is to provide the Elderly, Disabled & Youth with information concerning advancements in information systems technologies by way of computers, electronics and print media. 

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