Community Computer

Repair Center.

Awareness of Technology for Elderly, Disabled & Youth NFP


Computer Repair


Our Community Computer Repair Services accepts

a small fee to solve your computing issues,

as well as, contributing in training our clients with

hands on experience and maintaining support for

the organization. This fee does not include

parts to repair. We are not responsible for any

data on your PC’s.

Phone: 773-305-1939

Fax: 773-925-0254


Primary Business Address

Englewood Community

5702  S. Racine  Ave.

Chicago, IL 60636

Awareness of Technology for

Elderly, Disabled & Youth


Now Open Just Drop

Your Computer Off

and Let us do the


ATEDY Community Repair Services

Will Match or under cut cost of your computer repair cost among other local computer repair services.

Your support contributions support our organization operations, while providing the following:

  • Reduced cost to clients repairs
  • Local service drop off in Englewood
  • Hands on experience to student/client of programs
  • Strengthen resume
  • Potential job experience




 Setting Up & Making Safe Computer   Security & Performance - (Security, Optimization, Installation)  Service Fee(s)
           Maximize computer's performance - remove all unnecessary clutter - Installation of security & privacy software preventing viruses / spyware - All critical updates    $95.00
   Installation of Anti-Virus Software  (User must purchase in order to install)  $45.00
   Installation of Security Software per title (firewall, parental Control, Etc.)  $45.00
 Repair & Upgrade of Computer  Diagnostic  Service Fee(s)

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